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Together we will navigate your deconditioning process over 3 sessions.

  • 3 hours 30 minutes
  • 599 Australian dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

We will deeply explore your Human Design over 3 sessions, so you can make the most of understanding your chart and be supported by me in your deconditioning process. Whether you are new to Human Design or have already dived in, I tailor the sessions to meet your needs wherever you are at in your journey. In your first session, you will learn about the foundational parts of your chart - including your Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile and Energy Centres. We will also explore your unique gifts and life purpose, which are revealed through your Channels, Gates and Cross of Incarnation. In your second and third sessions, we will delve further into your Gates, Planets, Arrows and any particular areas you wish to focus on in your deconditioning journey. We dive deep so that you can move towards greater self-trust, self-love and appreciation of your uniqueness. These gifts are the magic powers you were born with, you just need to start using them - I'm here to provide you with practical steps on how to do so.

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