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SIMPLY BY DOING THINGS YOUR  most natural way?


 Whether you are new to Human Design or have already dived in, a reading is a great way to go deeper and practice nurturing your innate gifts. In a reading you will learn about your Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Energy Centres, Profile, Channels and Cross of Incarnation, so that you can understand how you are naturally designed to function. It will provide you with practical tools to help you foster self-trust, self-love and appreciation of your uniqueness. Your Design highlights how to maximise the highest potential of these gifts, so that you can begin the deconditioning process and start living your life on purpose.

  • A 1 hr Human Design reading where we explore your chart

    1 hr

    188 Australian dollars
  • A 1.5 hr Human Design reading where we explore your chart

    1 hr 30 min

    277 Australian dollars
  • 3 sessions including 2 x 1 Hr Reading and 1 x 1.5 Hr Reading

    3 hr 30 min

    599 Australian dollars


"I was lucky enough to be gifted a human design reading with Aviva and it was such a blessing to receive! She was so knowledgeable and rich with information that our time together flew by. I feel like Aviva’s reading helped me to feel understood on a deeper level than some of the people closest to me have ever been able to make me feel. It has not only equipped me with greater insight into who I am and how I function energetically, but it has given me specific tools and actions to put into practice to help me live a life more aligned with my true self and how to attract Divinely timed blessings and opportunities. Aviva has left me feeling empowered, excited, special, and like I am on this Earth for a reason with a lot to offer the world."
- Phoebe
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